Why invest?

Growth potential 

The video games market is vast and fast growing with ever-increasing demand for new content.

The key growth drivers of the industry are considered to be cloud based platforms, Games as a Service (“GaaS”) in-game monetisation, changes in consumer behaviour, free to play and mobile games, esports and the rise of Asia, particularly China. Six of the largest businesses in the world, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Tencent actively driving growth.

Newzoo, the world’s most trusted and quoted source for games market insights and analytics, expects the global market to grow to $217.9bn in 2023.

Key Facts:

$196 bn value of the global market in 2021

2.7bn gamers worldwide

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Our competitive advantage lies in our people, technology, management systems, and scale. This gives us the ability to attract the best creative talent, which enable us to offer creative, flexible co-development and full end-to-end solutions to publishers and other content developers.

We benefit creatively, commercially and financially from our proprietary technologies, which we have developed over many years, and our global talent base of over 1000 people in five countries.

Key facts:

Over 1,000 people

13 Studios in five countries

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Whilst the Group’s business model is evolving, it continues to be relatively low risk with high visibility, generating both cash and sustainable profit margins through long-term contracting, typically with milestone payments, which provides the opportunity for investors to gain lower risk exposure to the attractive video games sector.

Sumo Group is rarely directly exposed to the commercial success of a game and more often benefits from upside where royalties are in place. Our aim is to accelerate the Group’s growth and increase margins, through the development of Own-IP games, either self-funded, co-funded or fully-funded and through acquisition.

Key facts:

85% Contracted or near-contracted development fees for Sumo Digital and 50% for Pipeworks for 2021

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Since its IPO in December 2017, the Group has delivered consistent revenue and Adjusted EBITDA* growth of over 20% year on year.

Since 2017 the Group has achieved a revenue CAGR of nearly 34% per annum. The increase in revenue has been driven by continuing strong organic growth and by acquisition.

Key facts:

Revenue CAGR per annum since 2017 nearly 34%

Overall growth in people since IPO  124%