Our strategy is to continue to grow organically, as one of the world’s leading providers of co-development, art and design services to the video games industry, using our contracted development fee model to minimise risk and taking advantage of the forecast growth in the global video games market.

Deliver and expand

  • Well placed to deliver significant growth through developing new franchise titles as the demand for creative content continues to grow;
  • Develop new downloadable content for existing titles, which extends the revenue generating capability of the publishers’ games; and
  • Continue to recruit, retain, incentivise and develop the Group’s talent pool to increase the Group’s core development capacity and capability.

New strategic partners

  • Continue to win new customers and extend its publisher portfolio;
  • Collaboration with other developers and publishers and extending existing co-development relationships; and
  • Potential to open or acquire new studios to enable recruitment from further pools of talent and gain exposure to new publishers and game genres.

Own intellectual property

  • Following the successful launch of Snake Pass, the Directors intend to continue to operate Group-wide Game Jams and selectively develop “Indie Games”.

Acquisition of complementary revenue streams

  • Consider earnings enhancing acquisitions of premium video game service providers and complementary video game developers.